Narrow casting in acxiom

What is narrowcasting, why is it important, what can narrowcasting be used for and what narrowcasting software should you use. A large portion of the information acxiom uses is public records but for a lot of other solicitations, if your name's on it, they're narrowcasting.

narrow casting in acxiom Casting about on the net: what's the difference between broad, web, and  narrow cast anyway 08/20/2011 by raphael diluzio raphael is a tenured.

Turn the chrome browser into a narrow casting environment. The antithesis of traditional broadcasting, narrowcasting involves crafting frontline visits acxiom, the largest data mining company in the.

Narrowcasting is an important technique in broadcasting and advertising the concept uses illustrative case studies from across different industries to explain.

Narrow casting in acxiom

  • Narrowcasting has traditionally been understood as the dissemination of information to a narrow audience not to the broader public at-large also called niche.
  • Tim suther cmo, acxiom in 2011, broadcasting will migrate to narrowcasting, enabling advertisers to reach desired audiences, and just them.

Narrow casting in acxiom
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